Courtney Rowley

Courtney Rowley

Trial Lawyer

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Key Facts

University of Southern Calfornia, B.A., International Relations, 2004 Loyola Law School, J.D., 2007


Courtney Rowley is a trial lawyer, mother, and the author of five books: Trial by Woman, Running with the Bulls, Voir Dire and Opening Statement, Damages Evolving, and Winning Settlements.

Courtney has tried cases across the country with record results in brain injury, wrongful death, loss of consortium, medical malpractice, and environmental law. She is the founder of Trial by Woman, a nationwide community of lawyers and professionals who work to support and elevate each other through education, case referrals, and friendship.

Courtney has been teaching and lecturing around the country on trial law, civil rights, and strengthening the American legal system for over a decade with her husband, trial partner, and best friend, Nicholas Rowley, who founded Trial by Human. Courtney and Nick are dedicated to expanding human rights and increasing compassion for human beings, both in and out of the courtroom.

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Damages Evolving
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Trial by Woman
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Voir Dire and Opening Statement - Trial Guides
Voir Dire and Opening Statement
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Winning Settlements - Trial Guides
Winning Settlements
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