Courtney Rowley

Courtney Rowley

Trial Lawyer

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Key Facts

University of Southern Calfornia, B.A., International Relations, 2004
Loyola Law School, J.D., 2007


Courtney Rowley is a trial lawyer, mother of three, and the author of three books: Trial By Woman, Running with The Bulls, and Voir Dire and Opening Statement. After clerking at one of the top law firms in California with a position, she saw the writing on the wall which was and still is: women don’t have the same opportunities that men have and the likelihood of becoming a trial lawyer is so much less than that of a man who, in all reality, is half as good and has less experienced than the woman. So, she didn’t take the big high paying job with great benefits, a great salary and a brand new car, instead, she drove her parents’ junky prius up to Ventura and went out on her own. She started trying cases. Misdemeanors, felonies. And she started winning.  After she was the youngest to be accepted to and attend Gerry Spence’s trial lawyer college she started trying civil cases and has won record verdicts throughout the country. She taught with the Spence college as a staff member for years.

She tries cases with her husband, but, if you ask Nick, he’ll tell you that a lot of the time it’s that he’s trying a case with HER. She’s overcome the adversity that women face in this profession through hard work and determination and she wrote a book about it and has formed a community and a listserve you should check out called Trial By Woman to widen the path for women and all lawyers who are looking to redesign the practice of law.

She is a co-founder of Trial By Human and lectures and teaches throughout the country.

Courtney Rowley's Products

Running with the Bulls
Running with the Bulls How to Win Top Dollar Settlements Paperback/ eBook $165.00
Voir Dire and Opening Statement
Voir Dire and Opening Statement Paperback/ eBook $145.00
Trial by Woman
Trial by Woman Paperback $24.95
Running with the Bulls eBook
Running with the Bulls eBook How to Win Top Dollar Settlements eBook $165.00
Trial by Woman: Advanced Trial Strategies
Trial by Woman: Advanced Trial Strategies An Interview and Q&A with Courtney Rowley and Theresa Bowen Hatch Audio Digital Download $49.99