The Lean Law Firm: Run Your Firm Like the World's Most Efficient and Profitable Businesses

Larry Port & Dave Maxfield

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Many law firms still use outdated and inefficient methods to run their business, choosing to constantly react instead of creating systems and procedures that mitigate problems before they arise. A better way can be found in the practices of some of the world’s most efficient and forward-thinking manufacturing companies who have been leveraging the power of lean methodologies and systems thinking for years. In The Lean Law Firm these Lean methodologies have been specifically refined, tested, and tailored for law firm application.

In an easily digestible style, Larry Port, the founder and CEO of Rocket Matter, and attorney Dave Maxfield show you that your own firm is really just a system and offer a template of Lean practices that you can use to become more profitable. They demonstrate not only how to boost your financial returns, but also how to achieve a renewed enthusiasm for running your firm.

The authors address important issues such as:

  • Methods to increase your income and grow your firm
  • Measurement, waste reduction, and how to produce as much value as possible for your clients
  • The basics of Lean methodology
  • The Income Formula and how to apply it to your practice
  • Tables, checklists, charts, and clearly spelled out procedures
  • Process standardization
  • How to get everyone in your firm on the same page
  • How to leverage technology to improve your business
  • Results versus goals
  • Lean marketing

Far from a book on business theory, this is a descriptive how-to guide for using Lean methodology in your practice to increase revenue and improve the management of your firm.

Paperback: 238 pages
Publisher: American Bar Association