Dave Maxfield

Dave Maxfield


(803) 509-6800 SOCO Building 1721 Saunders Street Columbia, SC 29201

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Dave Maxfield runs a boutique consumer protection practice in Columbia, South Carolina. He’s the four-time Chairman of the Consumer Law section of the South Carolina Bar and the Past President of the Richland County Bar Association, South Carolina’s largest with over 1900 members. In his nearly 30 years of practice, Dave has represented thousands of individual consumers in cases against banks, credit reporting agencies, and insurance companies.

Dave teaches both "The Lean Law Firm Lab" and Consumer Protection Law at the University of South Carolina School of Law, and has taught over 100 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs to other lawyers, and speaks regularly in the media and to law students on issues affecting consumers both locally and nationally, and frequently trains other lawyers on the use of technology, and was a speaker at the ABATechshow in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2018. He has also worked with law students at the University of Colorado, UCLA, William & Mary, and Harvard Law School on technology use. Articles by and about him have appeared in South Carolina Lawyer Magazine, ABA Magazine, and Lawyer’s Weekly.

A “Systems Geek,” Dave became obsessed years ago with how law firms might use Lean methods and technologies pioneered by the manufacturing world to run more profitable practices. The Lean Law Firm is the culmination of years of trial and error with such systems, translating Lean practices into a simple, month-by-month template that law firms can use to become more profitable.

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