Winning Trial Themes of Moe Levine

Winning Trial Themes of Moe Levine

Successful trial attorneys all have one thing in common; they study and learn from the best lawyers of their day, and from those of previous generations. Laws may have changed, and juror attitudes have changed. What has not changed are the stories and themes that underscore the value of human life, and the jurors' need to protect the community from future harm.

The best lawyers in the county today; Rick Friedman, Don Keenan, Paul Luvera, and Brian Panish study the art of trial master Moe Levine. While Levine was considered the greatest trial lawyer of his era between the 1950s and 1970s, the nation's finest lawyers and jury consultants continue to use his concepts today. Levine left behind three books to educate lawyers about his winning methods. But his books have been out of print, unavailable anywhere for many years. In fact, even when the price hit $1,200 per book last year, you couldn't find a copy.

After four years of research and collaboration with Moe Levine's family, Trial Guides is proud to release the full collection of Levine's work in the new book Moe Levine on Advocacy. The book contains lectures on advocacy as well as transcripts of closing statements from several of Moe Levine's trials. This incredible collection of winning ideas is equally applicable today as when Moe Levine delivered them.

Also available is a CD set of four rare recorded lectures by Levine called Moe Levine: The Historic Recordings. The book and CD set contain all known lectures and transcripts available by Moe Levine, and will provide you many case-winning ideas.

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