Trial Guides Founder on Moe Levine on Advocacy

Trial Guides Founder on Moe Levine on Advocacy

Trial Guides Founder on one of the books every plaintiff lawyer should own

After 20 years in business, Trial Guides founder Aaron DeShaw looks back at a few of our most important products of the first two decades in legal publishing.  This post features the book Moe Levine on Advocacy:

"Publishing 'Moe Levine on Advocacy' is one of the great achievements of Trial Guides in the past 20 years. It is a book that every plaintiff lawyer should own.

Not long after meeting Rick Friedman, he told me to look into Moe Levine, a lawyer who was admired by many of the leading lawyers in the United States at the time - the trial lawyers we admire most today. Without publicly admitting it, many were using ideas from Levine in their largest cases. A quick search revealed that Levine's three books published in his lifetime were all selling for over $1,000 each!

I collected every audio recording, video, book and transcribed lecture by Levine that I could find in the coming years. I took everything of value I could find and put it all in one book - Moe Levine on Advocacy. Levine's family were kind enough to cooperate and endorse the book as well.

In the past 20 years I've watched videos, listened to audio and read through lectures of most of the great plaintiff lawyers in the past 100 years. Levine is unique amongst this group because he distills the timeless lessons and themes of plaintiff practice and provides a wealth of information for use in all of our cases. This is why so many leading lawyers have strongly endorsed this book. Don't be fooled by the lack of reviews for the book - Trial Guides implemented our rating and review technology long after this book was released and over 10,000 lawyers had already bought and used this book.

Given that Levine is said to have tried over 2,000 civil cases during his lifetime ranging from medical malpractice to motor vehicle, premises liability, product liability and well beyond, Levine addresses issues in this book that I still see come up today. Often when defense counsel does something unexpected in trial, my knowledge from reading Levine allows me to know how to respond immediately.

Moe Levine on Advocacy is one of the best selling books of all time at Trial Guides and one of the gems of our catalog. Newer lawyers may not hear about it as frequently as Rules of the Road, David Ball on Damages or Reptile but Moe Levine's methods are central to all of these methods.

The closing statement contained in the last chapter of this book, has become one of courtroom legend."

The contents of this book have been the secret weapon of many of the trial lawyers you respect most. Its content is filled with ideas that helped Levine obtain $1,000,000 verdicts in the 1950s-1970s when million dollar verdicts were exceptionally rare. This book is capable of changing your career by improving the outcome of your present and future cases.

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