Paul Luvera on Trial Strategy

Paul Luvera

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In this DVD set, which is one of Trial Guides' finest videos, Paul Luvera shares his unique wisdom about a wide range of topics, from discovery and trial preparation to jury selection, opening statements, and capturing jury interest in direct examination, cross-examination, and closing statements. Through his career handling important cases, his close personal friendship with Gerry Spence, his teaching at the Trial Lawyers College, and his induction into the American Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, Luvera is uniquely qualified to reveal important insights into how you can be the best lawyer possible.

In this DVD set, Paul Luvera shares his experience and techniques on:

  • Case selection
  • Discovery
  • Capturing jury interest in direct examination
  • Trial preparation
  • Jury selection
  • Opening statements
  • Cross-examination
  • Closing statements


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DVD: 278 minutes; 4 discs; 1st edition (2008); ISBN: 978-1934833056
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [57:40]

  1. Overview
  2. Techiques of Advocacy
  3. Pre-Trial Preparation Done Right

Disc 2 [85:05]

  1. Winning Settlement Ideas
  2. Dealing with Tort Reform Bias

Disc 3 [66:29]

  1. Jury Selection That Works
  2. Opening Statements that Grab the Jury

Disc 4 [69:17]

  1. Opening Statements
  2. Capture Jury Interest in Direct Examination
  3. Cross-Examination Tips for Success
  4. Making Powerful Summations

Total running time: 4 hours 38 minutes