Six-Figure Settlement on Zero Offer Case

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Glenn Fair Jr., of Oakmont Law Group P.C., was kind enough to share a success story regarding a recent nearly half a million dollar settlement he obtained on a zero-offer case with disputed liability using lessons learned from Running with the Bulls by Nicholas Rowley and Courtney Rowley. Our congratulations to Glenn and his team, read below to learn more about how Glenn was able to obtain a just result for his client.

Six-Figure Settlement on Zero Offer Case:

About two years ago, our firm received a copy of the CZ&R email outlining the $45 million settlement Nick Rowley and his team obtained. We were unaware he had a book which detailed the “how.” Eventually, we bought all of our lawyers a copy of the book, Running with the Bulls (and other books by Nick and his team). It was worth EVERY PENNY, at least ten times over. Our little firm (four lawyers) made more money in the first six weeks of 2020 than we did in all of 2019!

Our success is 100 percent attributed to the implementation of the lessons we learned from Running With the Bulls. Example: We had an auto accident case that had been dragging on for more than two years. It was a rear-end crash, and the client required neck surgery. The case was in litigation and thus public to a certain degree; however, no experts had been designated and no depositions had been taken. The at-fault disputed the need for surgical intervention and claimed the neck problems were congenital. The person who was at-fault was driving as an independent contractor for another company. The at-fault’s personal insurance refused to pay and the client’s UIM carrier insisted on no excess to pay. 

Opposing counsel told me there was a zero percent chance of limits on the case and wanted my “bottom-dollar settlement amount.” He got an emailed Running with the Bulls style demand (as outlined in the book) in response (attached w/client’s name changed and personal info removed). The demand was also sent to the other carrier’s adjusters by email. Within ten days, I had three FULL policy limits offers from three separate insurance carriers (one of whom previously denied liability entirely!), for a total of just under half a million dollars in a case which was highly disputed prior to the Bulls demand.

If you are not using the Bulls approach, you are 100 percent leaving money on the table (and dealing with unnecessary BS from the insurance companies and their cronies). We are literally in awe of the effectiveness of Nick’s approach as the responses we are getting from the other side are EXACTLY as Nick describes. Our lawyers had all learned how to do PI the “wrong way” and were very frustrated. Now, we are getting policy limits tenders regularly and have the other side scrambling to figure out what changed in our firm. We are so thankful for Nick and Courtney’s generosity in sharing their experience.


Glenn B. Fair Jr., Esq.