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Rick Friedman's Winning Trial Strategies

You've heard about his string of impressive jury verdicts. You've read Rules of the Road and Polarizing the Case. The nation's leading lawyers discuss Rick Friedman's trial methods in CLEs throughout the country. Maybe his strategies have already helped you win. Now it’s time to deepen your understanding of these important trial techniques.

Winning Trial Strategies is a four disc DVD lecture given by Rick Friedman expanding on the ideas in Rules of the Road and Polarizing the Case. In it, he covers practical examples of the "rules" used in different types of cases, and explains how to turn opposing counsel's malingering defense to your advantage.

Looking for something valuable to read on vacation? Rick Friedman on Becoming a Trial Lawyer is Rick's newest book, for new and accomplished attorneys alike. Filled with wisdom and tips for life in and out of the courtroom, the book will inspire you and re-invigorate your enthusiasm for life. Trial attorney and Inner Circle member Pat Malone says, "Rick Friedman is a lawyer's lawyer; thoughtful, reflective, and relentlessly honest with himself and his chosen profession of trial law. He is also a real human being, and perhaps that is one key to his remarkable success in trial after trial on behalf of clients who are up against major corporations. In this book, he shows that self-examination is both critical to outward success and inward happiness."

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