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Rick Friedman On Becoming a Trial Lawyer

Richard Friedman is one of the greatest trial lawyers in America with over $400 million in jury verdicts.  He is the author of Trial Guides two best selling trial strategy texts: Rules of the Road (with Patrick Malone), and Polarizing the Case.

With achievements like Rick's, you might be surprised to learn that he does not consider himself "a natural trial lawyer." Like most of us, he has had to work diligently to overcome obstacles that many of us face. For this reason, Trial Guides is proud to announce the release of Rick's new book: Rick Friedman on Becoming a Trial Lawyer. This book turns to the inner barriers that prevent us from reaching our full potential as trial lawyers. Combining practical advice with inspirational insights, he guides us on the journey every trial lawyer must take, from the struggle to gain trial experience to the search for happiness in a career fraught with conflict and frustration. Along the way he addresses topics as diverse as common mistakes even the most experienced trial lawyers make, and the benefits of psychotherapy.

While the book does discuss how Rick went from being a solo lawyer with no legal experience in a small town in Alaska, to one of the great trial lawyers of our era, the book isn't an autobiography. It's about the steps you can take to develop your full potential as a trial lawyer.

Buy your copy of Rick Friedman on Becoming a Trial Lawyer today.

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