New Trial Guides Spinal Injury Litigation Listserve Community

Trial Guides Spinal Injury Claims Listserve

This week Trial Guides launches the Spinal Injury Claims Listserve for plaintiff lawyers.  

The new Trial Guides litigation community groups will focus on specific topics and methods in the practice of law. One of the first four list serve communities is the Trial Guides Spinal Injury Litigation Group.  This group will focus on all aspects of spinal injury cases (regardless of field of legal practice) and help lawyers improve case selection, interaction with the client and health care providers, pre-litigation case handling, demand letters, and trial.  

The group starts with some of the leading spinal injury litigators in the United States including Peter Anderson of Colorado, Matt Powell of Florida, Don Chaney of Arkansas, Bob Simon of California, Dorothy Clay Sims of California, and Aaron DeShaw of Oregon.  

Members of this group are dedicated to improving their education and skills to improve client outcomes in all types of spinal injury claims.

To join this group, visit the Spinal Injury Litigation Community Page.