New! Moe Levine: The Historic Recordings

New! Moe Levine: The Historic Recordings

Trial Guides is proud to release all known audio recordings of Moe Levine, one of the greatest trial lawyers in American history.

In this unique CD set, you'll hear Moe Levine's voice as he spoke to trial lawyer organizations in the 1960s and 70s. This CD set is a valuable companion to Moe Levine on Advocacy, Trial Guides' book of Levine's collected lectures and summations. One of the lectures in The Historic Recordings is included in Moe Levine on Advocacy, but the rest are only available on CD. The Historic Recordings together with Moe Levine on Advocacy give you a complete set of all of Levine's material.

This CD set addresses Levine's ideas on working with medical witnesses, cross examination, and closing arguments.

Let Levine's distinctive voice and oratory skills inspire you to greatness.

This title is part of the iWin™ series of educational media by Trial Guides™.