Nuisance value offer becomes $4.6 million verdict

Nuisance value offer becomes $4.6 million verdict

A bad faith case with a nuisance value offer turned into a $4.6 million verdict.

A helicopter crash case that the defense counsel claimed was making "a mountain out of molehill" resulted in a $2.1 million verdict.

A workplace injury with what the defense claimed were "open and obvious" conditions resulting in a "bang on the head" accrued more than $2.2 million in damages.

How can you get these verdicts? By framing your case story to speak to the jurors.

Attorney Michael Doyle of Houston, Texas has obtained a string of consecutive multi-million-dollar verdicts using the techniques outlined in Eric Oliver's Facts Can't Speak for Themselves. Doyle says "Building a story that works for your jurors to transform a nuisance value offer into a $4.6 million verdict is a great feeling. When it is the third of six consecutive cases where the anchors, exhibits, and themes crafted with the tools Eric Oliver shares in Facts Can't Speak for Themselves produce verdicts more than double, ten, and twenty times the best offers, in 'tough venues,' it almost seems unfair.

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