New! Good Hands to Boxing Gloves Webinar CLE

Introducing a webinar CLE recording "Good Hands to Boxing Gloves: Allstate, McKinsey and the Enron Business Model" featuring speakers David Berardinelli & Amy Bach.

From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves is the most talked about legal text in the last generation. It's received feature stories on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, as well as in BusinessWeek and Money.

Now get the background about why settlement offers are down. Why insurers spend more to defend claims than to resolve them, and drag litigation out as long as possible. It's time that every lawyer understand the "Deny-Defend-Delay" strategy being used by insurers. Join United Policyholders advocate Amy Bach, and Good Hands author David Berardinelli in this recorded seminar. Learn about Berardinelli's battle to get Allstate to finally release the "McKinsey Slides." Find out how you can use this knowledge in personal injury and bad faith litigation.

This title is part of the iWin™ series of educational media by Trial Guides™.

NOTE: This is not a live/interactive webcast. This is a recorded lecture. This medium may or may not be approved for CLE credit in your state. Please contact your state bar CLE commission for further details. Trial Guides cannot guarantee your receipt of CLE credit in any state.