Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence

Trial Lawyer

Key Facts

University of Wyoming, J.D. 1952


Gerry Spence has been a trial attorney for more than five decades and proudly represents "the little people." He has had more multi-million dollar verdicts without an intervening loss than any other lawyer in the United States. He has fought and won for the family of Karen Silkwood, defended Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, and represented hundreds of others in some of the most notable trials of our time. He is the founder of Trial Lawyer's College, a nonprofit school where, pro bono, he teaches attorneys for the people how to present their cases and win against powerful corporate and government interests. He is the author of seventeen books, including The New York Times bestseller How to Argue and Win Every Time, Win Your Case, From Freedom to Slavery, and The Making of a Country Lawyer. He has appeared on Oprah, 60 MinutesLarry King Live, and many other television programs. He lives with his wife in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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