A Day with Gerry Spence and Paul Luvera

Gerry Spence & Paul Luvera

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*Please note: In parts of this program audience questions may be inaudible and for a small portion there are discrepancies with the audio. We feel that despite this, the majority of the program provides audio quality that does not  take away from the value of the product.

Trial Guides is proud to present this video of two of the greatest trial lawyers in American history: Gerry Spence and Paul Luvera.

Gerry Spence is a living legend in the legal field, and one of the most important lawyers in US history.  He had more multi-million dollar verdicts without an intervening loss than any other lawyer in the United States. He is also the author of several best selling books for the public on the topic of law. This is one of Gerry Spence's only publicly available videos.

Paul Luvera is also one of the leading trial lawyers in the United States. During his career, Luvera obtained record jury verdicts of $41 million in Washington, $44 million in Oregon, and a $29 million in Idaho. He was selected to act as lead trial counsel for the State of Washington in a two-and-a-half-month jury trial against the tobacco industry which ended in a record settlement of $700 million. This is one of Paul Luvera's only publicly available videos.

In this unique video of both lawyers, Spence and Luvera teach you the secrets that have propelled their legendary courtroom victories.

These trial legends discuss:

  • The power of being authentic
  • Using proven methods, including methods in Polarizing the Case, David Ball on Damages 3 and Rules of the Road™
  • Their secrets for voir dire
  • Creative ways to try soft-tissue cases
  • Different methods of arguing damages depending upon the case facts and the size of the expected verdict
  • Three things you must discuss with the jury about damages
  • Why you should never evaluate your case based on other lawyers’ settlements and verdicts
  • Trying cases with difficult judges
  • The greatest gifts and worst mistakes of their careers
  • And much more 

The information on this video is timeless, and built upon decades of dedication to being truly great trial lawyers.

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CD: 127 minutes; 2 discs; 1st edition (2014); ISBN: 978-1941007242
DVD: 127 minutes; 2 discs; 1st edition (2014); ISBN: 978-1941007235
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Introduction of Gerry Spence
  2. Introduction of Paul Luvera
  3. Elevating the Importance of Your Case
  4. Getting the Jury to Set Community Standards
  5. Outline of the Lecture
  6. Overcoming the Fear of Losing
  7. Lecture Outline
  8. Dealing with Juror Bias on Client Ethnicity/Dress/Language
  9. Empowering Jurors to Provide Large Verdicts
  10. The Secret of Voir Dire
  11. Becoming Successful by Becoming a Real Person
  12. Keeping Up with Changes Necessary Due to Tort Reform
  13. The Books You Should Read
  14. The Measure of a Great Verdict
  15. The Soft-Tissue Case
  16. The Judge’s Plight
  17. Defer to the Judge
  18. My Worst Mistake
  19. Rejection as the Greatest Gift
  20. Methods of Arguing Damages
  21. The Importance of Understanding the Impact of Your Client’s Injuries
  22. Things You Should Never Do while Determining Damages
  23. Three Things You Must Explain to Jurors about Damages
  24. Short Damages Closings in Large Damages Cases
  25. Credibility is Power
  26. Arguing Damages
  27. Spence’s “Bird” Closing
  28. Evidence of Insurance/Ability to Pay
  29. Getting “Hometowned”
  30. Voir Dire Regarding Being from Out of Town
  31. Problematic Judges
  32. How I Prepare for Trial
  33. Balancing Your Practice and Family
  34. What Will Others Say about You?
  35. How to Handle a Difficult Client in a Civil Case
  36. Race to Disclose Your Bad Facts First
  37. Real Lawyers Handle Criminal Cases
  38. Betrayal of Trust

Total running time: 2 hours, 7 minutes

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Sonny N.
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A must watch
If you are looking for ways to find yourself this is the video to watch.
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Bryan H.
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A Day with Gerry Spence and Paul Luvera
Great DVD from two giants of the bar. A must watch for Plaintiff lawyers.
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John B.
Verified Buyer
A Day with Gerry Spence and Paul Luvera
This DVD was of enormous value to me as a police expert. I am always looking for better ways to communicate with the jury, my client, and my colleagues. The presentation held my attention from beginning to end. And the most important thing was I came
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