Be Who You Are - On Demand

Gerry Spence

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Gerry Spence has said that Be Who You Are is his finest lecture ever recorded. At the height of his legal career, Spence spoke at the American Association for Justice (then ATLA) Weekend with the Stars Seminar and delivered a moving lecture on how to be a great lawyer both in and out of the courtroom. AAJ captured it on tape. Now, Spence’s lecture is being released for the first time.

This inspiring presentation summarizes Spence’s most important lessons on being a great trial lawyer and helps you understand your power and value both in the courtroom and in the community.

This lecture provides important insights for every lawyer:

  • How to be yourself with jurors, rather than trying to emulate others, including Gerry Spence himself
  • The need to regain your individuality after law school
  • The importance of understanding your client’s background
  • How to overcome your fear in the courtroom
  • Empowering the jury in voir dire
  • How you can lose your case with destructive cross-examinations
  • The high price of success
  • And more

The video recording has been digitally restored and color corrected, and is available for the first time on demand. A portion of the sales from these recordings will support the American Association for Justice.

Be Who You Are from Trial Guides on Vimeo.

On Demand Program: 72 minutes
Original Air Date: 12/01/1990

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