More Money, Less Chaos: Streamlining Your Law Firm with LEAN - On Demand

Larry Port & Dave Maxfield

Format: On Demand Program
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Being an exceptional trial lawyer is a great way to serve your clients and earn an excellent living. But what happens when the joy of practicing law gets lost in the stress of managing your law firm? Chasing leads and following up on emails, all while falling behind on your own case work, can feel chaotic—like you're just trying to keep your head above water. Something has to change.

Here's the good news: Making money as a lawyer—or in any business—is not an art. It's a science that fortune 500 companies like Toyota and Intel have perfected over a long period of time to maximize profit by taming chaos through the power of systems. It's called LEAN.

Join the authors of The Lean Lawfirm, Larry Port and Dave Maxfield, as they show you how to harness the power of LEAN to increase your profitability and bring more peace of mind to your practice. Having a streamlined law firm will allow you to focus more on what really matters: your clients and their cases.

On Demand Program: 80 Minutes
Original Air Date: 10/05/2022
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