Theodore I. Koskoff, Thomas F. Lambert Jr., Marvin Lewis, Moe Levine & Stanley Preiser
Hosted by Roxanne Barton Conlin

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For the first time on DVD, Trial Guides brings you Masterworks, a collection of five of the finest trial lawyers of the twentieth century.

Hosted by Roxanne Barton Conlin, first female president of AAJ.

Disc 1: Two compelling lectures by one of America's finest trial lawyers. First is Theodore Koskoff's inspiring speech entitled "What Is a Lawyer?" Koskoff, a champion of trial lawyers' value in society and a past president of AAJ (formerly ATLA®), delivers a lecture that will revive your spark to serve your clients. Next, he delivers a lecture "On Cerebration," in which he discusses the preparation trial lawyers must do to reduce error and maximize justice for their clients. Koskoff discusses how to cerebrate, or think through, a case at every level, from the moment the client comes into the office through the end of trial.

Disc 2: Thomas F. Lambert Jr. was a Rhodes Scholar and graduated from Oxford University and Yale Law School. After World War II, he worked as trial counsel for the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, where he prosecuted Martin Bormann, chief of the Nazi party, in absentia. He later became editor-in-chief of ATLA, and was critical in bringing the organization to national prominence. He was a staunch opponent of tort "reform," and pushed for new theories of recovery as tort law developed. In this lecture, Lambert discusses fundamental principles of tort law and how to apply them to your case.

Disc 3: Two masters at work. This disc features one of only two known videos of the brilliant Moe Levine. It also features Marvin Lewis, pioneer of the legal concept of psychological injuries, and a past president of AAJ. In this video, Lewis and Levine use the same set of facts about an aspiring young actress injured in a car crash, and offer dramatically different approaches to asking for damages for the client, whose prospective income is speculative, whose injuries are invisible, and whose background as a performer casts doubt on the credibility of her testimony.

Disc 4: Often described as one of the greatest courtroom lawyers of the twentieth century, Stanley Preiser enjoyed a career that spanned seven decades and included many record-setting verdicts. On this disc, Preiser demonstrates how to persuade a jury based upon fundamental aspects of persuasion.




*This video is part of a series by Trial Guides in which historical videos of America’s leading lawyers and experts are restored to create a unrivaled educational resource for plaintiff lawyers. Please note that due to the age of these videos, the original video tapes have lower resolution than today’s DVDs. Royalties from this video series go to support state and county trial lawyer associations.


DVD: 226 minutes; 4 discs; 1st edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833445
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC; AAJ

DVD 1 – Theodore Koskoff [49:30]

1. What Is a Lawyer? [0:00]
2. What Is a Lawyer? [1:55]
3. What Is a Lawyer? [4:40]
4. What Is a Lawyer? [7:06]

1. On Cerebration [0:00]
2. On Cerebration [1:48]
3. On Cerebration [5:02]
4. On Cerebration [7:39]
5. On Cerebration [10:47]
7. On Cerebration [13:42]
8. On Cerebration [17:05]
9. On Cerebration [20:06]
10. On Cerebration [23:09]
11. On Cerebration [26:07]
12. On Cerebration [29:25]
13. On Cerebration [32:43]
14. On Cerebration [35:47]
15. On Cerebration [38:52]

DVD 2 – Thomas F. Lambert [76:17]

1. Tom on Torts [0:00]
2: Tom on Torts [1:56]
3: Tom on Torts [5:06]
4: Tom on Torts [8:40]
5: Tom on Torts [11:45]
6: Tom on Torts [15:12]
7: Tom on Torts [18:38]
8: Tom on Torts [21:42]
9: Tom on Torts [24:53]
10: Tom on Torts [27:58]
11: Tom on Torts [31:19]
12: Tom on Torts [34:22]
13: Tom on Torts [38:01]
14: Tom on Torts [41:31]
15: Tom on Torts [44:51]
16: Tom on Torts [48:02]
17: Tom on Torts [51:13]
18: Tom on Torts [54:42]
19: Tom on Torts [57:47]
20: Tom on Torts [61:13]
21: Tom on Torts [64:27]
22: Tom on Torts [67:40]
23: Tom on Torts [71:26]
24: Tom on Torts [75:28]

DVD 3 – Marvin E. Lewis & Moe Levine [45:11]

1. Lewis–Closing Arguments [0:00]
2: Lewis–Closing Arguments [2:44]
3: Lewis–Closing Arguments [5:46]
4: Lewis–Closing Arguments [9:20]
5: Lewis–Closing Arguments [12:32]
6: Lewis–Closing Arguments [15:24]
7: Lewis–Closing Arguments [18:42]
8: Lewis–Closing Arguments [21:51]
9: Lewis–Closing Arguments [25:09]
10: Levine–Closing Arguments [29:06]
11: Levine–Closing Arguments [30:15]
12: Levine–Closing Arguments [33:23]
13: Levine–Closing Arguments [36:25]
14: Levine–Closing Arguments [39:26]
15: Levine–Closing Arguments [42:27]
16: Levine–Closing Arguments [44:29]

DVD 4 – Stanley E. Preiser [55:09]

1. Psychology of a Trial [0:00]
2: Psychology of a Trial [1:28]
3: Psychology of a Trial [4:33]
4: Psychology of a Trial [7:42]
5: Psychology of a Trial [10:55]
6: Psychology of a Trial [14:01]
7: Psychology of a Trial [17:19]
8: Psychology of a Trial [20:23]
9: Psychology of a Trial [23:27]
10: Psychology of a Trial [26:32]
11: Psychology of a Trial [29:45]
12: Psychology of a Trial [33:41]
13: Psychology of a Trial [36:58]
14: Psychology of a Trial [40:03]
15: Psychology of a Trial [43:05]
16: Psychology of a Trial [46:09]
17: Psychology of a Trial [49:16]
18: Psychology of a Trial [52:03]
19: Psychology of a Trial [54:01]

Total running time: 3 hours, 46 minutes

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