Fearlessly Cross-Examining the Defense Medical Examiner - On Demand CLE

Patrick Malone

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Cross-examining a defense medical examiner (DME) is often the highest hurdle to clear in a personal injury trial. Cross-examining a DME requires preparation, attention to detail, and focus on the expert’s key vulnerabilities.

Still, even with ample preparation, too many cases fall with the DME cross-examination. These “hired gun” professionals are often pedigreed, persuasive, and compelling to jurors. We know what their motives are—but how do you expose them?

Patrick Malone, co-creator of the revolutionary Rules of the Road™ technique and author of The Fearless Cross-Examiner, brings a special 60-minute CLE to the Trial Guides video catalog. Cross-examine the next DME you face with confidence using time-tested strategies designed for the defense’s toughest expert witnesses. With the right approach, you’ll effectively counter their opinions, probe their weaknesses, and polarize their testimony to discredit them in the eyes of jurors.

This 60-minute cross-examination CLE will cover:

  • Cross-examination preparation
  • How to scour the public record for a witness’s vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing and focusing your cross technique
  • Finding “Rules of the Road” that expose the witness
  • The hypocrisy rule
  • Polarizing the witness
  • Linking the DME’s financial compensation to bias

The “old rules” of cross don’t work on professional witnesses. Take this opportunity to prepare yourself so you never miss a chance to make a DME cross-examination work in your favor.

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On Demand Program: 79 Minutes
Original Air Date: 06/13/2023

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