The Persuasion Edge™

Mirroring & Rapport

Eric Oliver

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Plaintiffs' lawyers often put in heroic efforts developing, selecting, discovering, and preparing their cases. But these efforts are often ruined by poor communication with the decision makers in the case.

In The Persuasion Edge DVD series, Eric Oliver teaches you the most effective skills for improving communication and influence during negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and trial. Since the majority of civil cases settle without ever going to trial, the tools you need must be equally as persuasive for adjustors, mediators, and judges as they are for jurors. This series of videos will help you bridge the gap between reason and perception, balance the verbal with the visual, and even use persuasive influence with your decision makers that is both conscious and "other than conscious." These skills will provide you with a decisive advantage with any person deciding your case, in any venue.

Mirroring & Rapport is the first of three programs on DVD that bring an Eric Oliver training program directly to you—enhanced with the most advanced graphic support of any trial advocacy program ever created. It will teach you how to achieve rapport quickly with any legal decision maker, and it will also show you when and how to use mirroring most effectively to get the best outcome possible.

If you need to favorably influence decision makers in presentations, negotiations, depositions, or any aspect of legal communication, then you definitely want to have The Persuasion Edge.


DVD: 68 minutes; 2 discs; 1st edition (2012); ISBN: 978-1934833520
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [68:31]

  1. Introduction
  2. Forming Natural Connections
  3. "Not What You Say, But How"
  4. Managing Perceptions: "The Train of Thought"
  5. Mirroring is Natural
  6. Following Not Leading
  7. Don’t "Just Be Yourself"
  8. Physical Mirroring, An Invitation of Rapport
  9. No Mirroring = No Rapport
  10. Mirror Neurons
  11. Rapport: Common Signs & Signals
  12. Mirroring & Rapport = Persuasion
  13. Mirror Physically, Move Emotionally
  14. Adding Mirroring: Successful Legal Examples
  15. "Not What You Say, But How" (Delivery)
  16. Rapport: Making Connections in Practice
  17. Levels of Connections: Alignment to Full Engagement
  18. Mirroring & Rapport: Reading Relationships
  19. Mirroring & Rapport: Relationships Revealed

Total running time: 1 hour 08 minutes

Also included in package: CD and MP3 files of the same content