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David Ball on Damages 3
Hardcover/ Paperback/ Paperback
Polarizing the Case
Exposing & Defeating the Malingering Myth Paperback/ Paperback/ Hardcover
Don't Eat the Bruises
How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case Paperback/ Paperback/ eBook
Winning at the Beginning
The Untapped Power of Voir Dire, Opening, and Beyond CD/ Audio Digital Download
From Hostage to Hero
Captivate the Jury by Setting Them Free Paperback
Stop Your Whining and Go To Trial
DVD/ CD/ Audio Digital Download
Trial Tactics
DVD/ Blu-Ray/ CD/ Audio Digital Download
The Persuasion Edge™
Mirroring & Rapport DVD
The Power of Presence
Take Back the Courtroom IV Disc 10 DVD
Don't Eat the Bruises eBook
How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case eBook
Rules of the Road in Openings and Closings - On Demand CLE
On Demand Program