Focus Groups: How to Do Your Own Jury Research - On Demand

David Ball with Debra Miller & Artemis H. Malekpour

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Many trial lawyers wrongly believe focus groups are complicated, expensive, and impossible to do on your own. Now, with David Ball's presentation Focus Groups: How to Do Your Own Jury Research, you or your staff can run a focus group with ease. In this video, David Ball and his partners Debra Miller and Artemis Malekpour explain step-by-step how to set up, conduct, and analyze your own high quality focus group for a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant. Further, Dr. Ball and his partners teach you how to apply the research to your case to keep you from misinterpreting the results. With these techniques, you can maximize the value of the focus group data in deciding the all-important question: Settle or try? And if you try, you'll know how.

The program includes a complete set of digital files that you can use and re-use in your cases, including all the necessary documents and juror response forms you’ll need. To access the forms, click the “handouts” button in your continuing education dashboard.

Focus groups are no longer just for potentially large cases. With this on demand program, they are for almost every case you have.


On Demand Program: 95 minutes
Original Air Date: 2008

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