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Writing Demand Letters in Auto Cases Live Webinar CLE

Writing Demand Letters in Auto Cases
60-Minute Continuing Legal Education Webinar
November 21st, 2012

Featuring: Charlette Sinclair

Charlette Sinclair serves as director of Auto Claim Experts, Inc., a nationally known consulting firm for personal injury lawyers. Realizing that 70% of insurers are using claims evaluation software, and concerned with the ineffectiveness of the current style demand letter, Charlette dedicated her career to creating a team of doctor, nurse, lawyer and paralegal consultants, to trigger this software-maximizing settlement values using the methods created by Aaron DeShaw in his book Colossus: What Every Trial Lawyer Needs to Know.

In this webinar, Sinclair discusses how to improve your demand letters by basing your format and the information in the demand on the software that the insurer is using to evaluate your client’s claim. This presentation draws upon her expertise developed by seeing case files from all over the country, involving hundreds of different insurance adjusters and thousands of different health care providers.

Sinclair will discuss the most common problems seen in auto cases, how to avoid those problems, and what you can do, from intake to settlement, to ensure you are getting maximum settlement offers for your clients.

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