Charlette Sinclair

Charlette Sinclair

Legal Consultant

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Portland State University, BS in Criminal Justice
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Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association


Charlette Sinclair has dedicated her career to helping lawyers maximize settlement value for their legitimately injured clients. Her background isn’t traditional - while working as a paralegal for mass volume law firms she realized the ineffectiveness of the traditional, narrative-style demand letter. She then learned about the Colossus bodily injury claim software and other claims evaluation software from subject expert Aaron DeShaw, who taught her “there is an art to advocacy, but a science to settlement.” As she continued to develop her knowledge of the insurance industry evaluation process, she had the privilege of learning more from former insurance adjusters and insurance claim process experts who provided great insight, and embarked on a mission to help change the way law firms prepare and present their cases to insurance companies.

Over a series of years studying and writing demand letters, Charlette has refined a series of demand letter templates that are formatted to trigger the bodily injury software systems, and traditional evaluation methods that insurers use to evaluate bodily injury claims. Often referred to as a law firm’s "secret weapon," she led a team of doctors, nurses and paralegals who helped law firms outsource demand package preparation, treatment chronologies, etc. More recently, she has consulted directly with law firms, training lawyers and their staff on the use of her proprietary demand letter formats as a tool to achieve higher settlement offers and avoid costly litigation for their clients. She often is called in to consult with firms who are consistently getting “low ball” offers for their cases in order to turn around their claim values.

Charlette has also gained experience working with a variety of lawyers as a visual media consultant for High Impact - training at their headquarters in Denver, and interacting with their team of medical illustrators, animators and medical specialists. While training in legal visual exhibits, she acquired niche skills in advanced visual claim presentation methods, that allows her to better serve lawyers during the demand submission process, in ADR, and during trial. Through a series of products she intends to produce for Trial Guides, Charlette will share her invaluable knowledge and methods with attorneys and physicians who are interested in better serving injured people. She is currently working as a freelance legal consultant on a part time basis, and is phasing out of her involvement in the legal industry.

When she’s not consulting, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, driving sports cars, fishing, and playing with her 10 year old pitbull, Enzo.

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