Working with Chiropractors on Auto Cases Live Webinar CLE

Chiropractic testimony in lawsuits

Working with Chiropractors on Auto Cases
60-Minute Continuing Legal Education Webinar
December 11th, 2012

Dr. Aaron DeShaw, Esq.

According to the Insurance Research Council, 32% of all people injured in a motor vehicle crash seek chiropractic care. Despite the Doctors of Chiropractic program being over 4,000 hours (similar to that of a Medical Doctorate), lawyers, judges and in some cases jurors demonstrate a clear bias against chiropractic testimony.

In this webinar, lawyer Aaron DeShaw, a former Doctor of Chiropractic, shows you how to work more effectively with chiropractors. First, he reveals a revolutionary way to qualify DCs to avoid motions (and win the ones that are raised). Next, he shows how to most effectively use chiropractic testimony in your arbitrations and trials. The webinar will reveal that contrary to many lawyers’, jurors’, and judges’ beliefs, chiropractic education requires equal, and sometimes superior, education to general practice MDs, especially in certain areas at issue in injury cases, such as neurology and radiology.

DeShaw also talks about where the societal bias against chiropractors arose, and how to minimize its impact on your cases during voir dire and direct examination of a doctor of chiropractic during trial or arbitration. Lastly, he will discuss treatment protocol standards, based upon injury severity, so that you are prepared to discredit a claim of excessive treatment if the defense raises it.

This CLE is a must if you handle auto accident cases involving chiropractic treatment.