Medicare Set Asides in Liability Settlements Live Webinar CLE

Matt Garretson Medicare Set Aside MSA

Medicare Set Asides in Liability Settlements—Where Are We Now
60-Minute Continuing Legal Education Webinar
December 12th, 2012

Matt Garretson

Have you heard about the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from Medicare involving future medicals and liability settlements? What about the recently introduced conditional payment reimbursement programs rolled out by Medicare?

Matt Garretson will discuss these topics and other Medicare secondary payer issues in "Medicare Set Asides in Liability Settlements—Where Are We Now?" This CLE webinar is a must-see for anyone who settles liability or workers’ compensation cases involving medical expenses (past or future). Learn the steps to take to ensure your clients’ Medicare cards are protected as well as the questions to ask in order to ensure Medicare does not seek postsettlement reimbursement from you or your firm.