Winning With Stories Comes to Trial Guides

Winning With Stories Comes to Trial Guides

Storytelling is amongst the most important skills for trial lawyers.  Winning with Stories: Using the Narrative to Persuade in Trials, Speeches & Lectures, is an examination of the power of the story in the art of persuasion. Inner Circle of Advocates member Jim M. Perdue proves that the story, as our primary vehicle for learning and teaching, is as important today as it was to our ancient ancestors. “Since the beginning of time, narratives have carried the truths of hope and justice.”

Beginning with an exploration of the story concept, Perdue analyzes narrative elements in detail, showing how to craft a story with a strong beginning, memorable scenes, believable characters, a logical plot, vivid action, and a moving conclusion. Going beyond these basics, Perdue demonstrates how to tell your client's story to maximum effect, with attention to concepts as broad as giving “soul” to the story and as specific as what the speaker should wear. Mannerisms, physical movement, use of illustrative visuals, and other storytelling considerations are covered in detail. Perdue provides the wisdom of over 40 years  of courtroom experience to show new and experienced lawyers how to tell a powerful story to motivate the jury.

Winning with Stories is also an invaluable anthology of stories that speakers can use to make and illustrate a point. Included are abundant examples of useful labels, metaphors, similes, clichés, analogies, quotations, poetry, personal anecdotes, and humorous stories, traced to their roots in ancient and modern history, the Bible, children’s tales, books, movies, plays, and folklore. Rounding out these invaluable resources are illustrative examples of actual opening statements and closing arguments the author has used to inspire juries to a just verdict.

Like Perdue’s previous books, Winning with Stories is an indispensable reference for trial lawyers seeking more effective persuasion techniques.

Some of the positive reviews for Winning With Stories:

“Jim M. Perdue has put on paper what makes him a courtroom legend. This is the best guide yet on how to persuade judges and juries. Read it, study it, follow its step-by-step approach, and you are guaranteed to become a better trial lawyer. This is a book every lawyer needs to own. ” - Peter T. Hoffman, Director, Blakely Advocacy Institute, University of Houston Law Center

“If you read this book with your own cases in mind, I guarantee you will find more winning ways of showing your juries why they must decide the story your case presents in your favor. But it’s not just trial lawyers who need to read this book. Teachers and all public speakers who care about their audience and their topic should also read and absorb its simple yet profound message: you can persuade an audience far better and move your listeners more deeply with a story than with an argument. ” - Dennis Donnelly, President, Inner Circle of Advocates

“Perdue’s big–as–all–outdoors book doesn’t just give us formulas and checklists, it also mines deeply into literature and culture to show how the great stories of the last few thousand years have worked their persuasive magic. This is a book to read and savor, and refer to over and over. ” - Patrick Malone, President, Trial Lawyers Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., and coauthor of Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability

“This book is an amazingly useful tool for any communicator. Within the first two chapters, I found myself analyzing my next Sunday’s sermon, asking, ‘Have I stated my point in a vivid way, or an inert one? Will my congregation learn, remember, and be inspired?’ ” - Jeff Berger, Senior Pastor, South Avenue Baptist Church, Pasadena, Texas

“A bible of the art of trial, Winning with Stories cuts the learning curve for young lawyers by ten or fifteen years.” - Jack Olender, Washington, D.C.

“A must read for all litigators who want to win, and should be a required text for all who study or practice persuasion. ” - William B. English, Director of Speech Communication, Baylor University

“The power of story is as old as humans and fire, and the fire of Jim Perdue comes through the pages of this book. It is an outstanding resource. Read it–and you will be a better lawyer. ” - Jim Fitzgerald, Cheyenne, Wyoming

“Atticus Finch surely spun some spellbinding tales for Scout and Southern juries, but even he would be envious of Mr. Perdue’s talent for storytelling and his grasp of its tradition and power. English teachers will be thrilled to find a book that analyzes storytelling and in the process explains literary devices and writing techniques and even discusses archetypal literary figures. This is a fascinating, informative book and one that English teachers could use as effectively as attorneys. ” - Stephen Hancock, educator

“Every Jim Perdue book is on my shelf, but the new one on storytelling and analogies won’t ever have any dust settle on top…it’s Jim’s best work. ” - Don Keenan, Past President, Inner Circle of Advocates

“Jim Perdue‘s collection of stories, anecdotes and quotations is a veritable treasure trove of source material for trial lawyers and public speakers. In Lincolnesque style these stories and witticisms are not only entertaining, but are replete with jewels of wisdom and historical insights. ” - Wayne Fisher, Houston, Texas