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Trial Guides Author Pat Malone on the Today Show

Plaintiff trial attorney and Rules of the Road co-author Pat Malone will be making a guest appearance on NBC's Today Show Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 8:18 AM (EST). Mr. Malone, an Inner Circle of Advocates member, has long represented victims in cases against doctors, hospitals, drug manufacturers and other defendants. He is a crusader for advocacy and fair play in the courtroom, doctor's office, hospital and beyond.

The Today Show appearance will mark the release of Mr. Malone's newest book, The Life You Save. The book lists nine necessary steps that will help you take charge of your own health care, make the best choices, avoid serious harm, and get the care you need and deserve. The Life You Save is not only for you and your loved ones, it is a must read for every person who receives medical care or uses prescription pharmaceuticals.

Patrick Malone Medical Malpractice Attorney


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