Attorney Keith Mitnik Shares How His Systems Helped Obtain An $8 Million Verdict

Keith Mitnik, author of Trial Guides bestselling book, Don’t Eat the Bruises,
recently obtained an $8 million verdict in a car crash case resulting in a herniated disc, in which $7.5 million were for noneconomic/general damages.
Keith explained how the systems in his book paved the way for this great

“The venue was conservative, so I leaned heavily on the voir dire systems
which allowed us to eliminate a bunch of biased panelists and get a fair jury.
The defense was relying on their standard arguments that our client’s problems
either preexisted or were being exaggerated. They also accused her of
covering up significant prior injury incidents. By using the in context v out of
context model in opening [discussed in Don't Eat the Bruises], we were able to dismantle those unfair attacks, before they could gain traction. Cross-examinations completely exposed the fatal flaws in the defense experts’ stories by employing other Bruises strategies.

In closing, we used a damages model from the book that was righteous and fit
the facts. As a result, the jury embraced our math and returned a great verdict
for the client. But for these systems, this $8 million verdict would never have
happened and our client would not have tasted the sweetness of such a just

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