News — Don't Eat the Bruises

Attorney Keith Mitnik Shares How His Systems Helped Obtain An $8 Million Verdict

Keith Mitnik, author of Trial Guides bestselling book, Don’t Eat the Bruises,recently obtained an $8 million verdict in a car crash case resulting in a herniated disc, in which $7.5 million were for noneconomic/general damages.Keith explained how the systems in his book paved the way for this greatverdict: “The venue was conservative, so I leaned heavily on the voir dire systemswhich allowed us to eliminate a bunch of biased panelists and get a fair jury.The defense was relying on their standard arguments that our client’s problemseither preexisted or were being exaggerated. They also accused her ofcovering up significant prior injury...

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$10 Million Reasons to Not Eat the Bruises

Trial Guides congratulates Indiana attorney Michael J. Stapleton for his recent success in obtaining a $10 million verdict for his client, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being attacked in the parking lot of a local bar. Stapleton credited the lessons he learned from Keith Mitnik’s Don’t Eat the Bruises for the outcome: “I have been a trial lawyer for over forty years. For the past fifteen, I’ve used an outline for jury selection I have developed, and enjoyed, that employs many principles from David Ball and Reptile. Earlier this year, a trusted trial consultant insisted I read Keith...

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