Jay Rinsen Weik

Jay Rinsen Weik

Zen Buddhist Abbot, Aikido Fifth-Degree Black Belt, Professor

Key Facts


Jay Rinsen Weik Sensei is an ordained Zen Buddhist abbot, priest, and teacher. He is a transmitted lineage holder through James Myoun Ford Roshi of the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition and the Harada-Yasutani koan curriculum.

Rinsen is a fifth-degree black belt in the martial art Aikido. He is the Aikido student of Gleason Sensei, who was the student of Yamaguchi Sensei, who was the student of O Sensei (Morihei Ueshiba)—the founder of modern Aikido. Rinsen Sensei is the founder of Shobu Aikido of Ohio.

Rinsen is a professor at the University of Toledo where he teaches jazz history and guitar and directs the Mindfulness and Creativity Initiative. He is also the founder of the Toledo Mindfulness Institute.