The Zen Lawyer: Winning with Mindfulness

Michael Leizerman & Jay Rinsen Weik

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In The Zen Lawyer, trial attorney Michael Leizerman offers easy-to-adopt techniques you can use to immediately improve your practice. Leizerman, with Zen master Jay Rinsen Weik, interlaces Zen and mindfulness exercises with practical case examples to demonstrate how being a Zen lawyer means being a better lawyer. Leizerman’s comprehensive approach shows how mindfulness brings greater clarity and persuasion to your cases. His examples and exercises walk you through ways to elicit game-changing witness testimony during depositions and trial, more effectively deal with difficult judges or opposing counsel, improve damages, and use proven tools to show the jury why a just verdict for your client is the right thing to do. This book is a must-read for any lawyer who seeks to make the world a better place, one case at a time.

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Paperback: 436 pages; First edition (2018); ISBN: 978-1941007631
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Publisher's Note
  3. To the Jury
  4. Introduction
  5. Part 1: The Physical Core
  6. Beginning Meditation
  7. Centering
  8. Senses and the Physical Core Truth
  9. Part 2: The Emotional Core
  10. Mindfulness of Your Feelings
  11. Emotional Openness and Listening
  12. Your Emotions about the Case
  13. Your Client's Emotions
  14. Exploring Emotional Connections and the Emotional Core Truth
  15. Part 3: The Logical Core
  16. Thinking Clearly
  17. Using Simple Words and Phrases
  18. Making Thoughts Clear
  19. Cutting through Defenses by Embracing Them
  20. Finding the Logical Core Truth
  21. Part 4: The Motivational Core
  22. Your Motivation
  23. Mindfulness of Your Motivations
  24. Other People's Motivations
  25. Compassion
  26. The Motivational Core Truth
  27. Part 5: The Zen Core
  28. Your Being
  29. Developing Wisdom
  30. Engaged Presence
  31. The Zen Core Truth
  32. Conclusion
  33. Glossary
  34. About the Author

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

Michael Leizerman has written a transformative book. In it, Leizerman combines his skill as a trial lawyer with the practice of mindfulness and Zen. The book has exceptional practical advice on trial advocacy. He shows us how to live a mindful life as a trial lawyer. This bears fruit in teaching us how we can enhance our lives as trial lawyers. To be a successful trial lawyer is more than a collection of techniques. He dispenses with the idea of a duality of selves, a professional self and a personal self. These two selves cannot be separate from one another. They must be an integrated and congruent whole. Leizerman shows us that we choose whether we will be a successful trial lawyer by how we live our lives. Finding meaning in our lives transforms us as trial lawyers. The book is an invitation to reflect on what it means to be a successful trial lawyer and person. Every trial lawyer should read this book. If you care about your potential as a trial lawyer, buy this the book.

— David Wenner, coauthor of Winning Case Preparation and listed in Super Lawyers since 2007
4.6 out of 5 stars Based on 11 reviews
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Zebulan S.
Verified Buyer
Be open to something new
Michael Leizerman has given us a gift: a fresh perspective on how to be a trial lawyer. I am grateful to him for showing us, in this book, that we can practice law fully in alignment with our values. Thanks, Michael.
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Kevin Q.
Verified Buyer
Really unique
Not one of the first books people think of, but it’s a hidden gem that offers a really unique perspective.
Published date
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Thomas C.
Verified Buyer
Its almost like reading Gerry Spence
Except with yoga. I think a lot of attorneys would find this useful.
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Nicholas V.
Verified Buyer
Highly recommend
This was an excellent book which has helped me become a better person and a better advocate for my clients. I highly recommend it for any lawyer who wishes to do justice by his client's cause and his own life.
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William G.
Verified Buyer
This was very helpful. I
This was very helpful. I enjoyed the read and I'm using what I learned on my next case.
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