David R. Bossart

David R. Bossart

Trial Lawyer

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David R. Bossart is a plaintiff's trial lawyer with over fifty years of experience in private practice. He is a nationally known trial consultant for plaintiff trial lawyers and is one of the founding principals of Winning Works, LLC. Bossart has been working with David Wenner and Greg Cusimano on the subject of jury bias for over eighteen years. He collaborates with David Wenner, Greg Cusimano, and Ed Lazarus on working with trial lawyers to help understand the science of decision-making and its practical application.

Bossart is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants, and has consulted with plaintiff trial lawyers on utilizing the concepts of overcoming jury bias in lawsuits against tobacco, oil, and insurance companies. He has been a fellow in both the American College of Trial LAwyers for over thirty years and the International Academy of Trial Lawyers for over twenty years. Bossart has been designated a Diplomate of Trial Advocacy by AAJ since 1994, and has also served on AAJ's Board of Governors for twenty-two years. He has lectured nationally for over twenty-five years. David has taught at the National College of Advocacy of AAJ and numerous State TLAs on the subjects of jury selection, overcoming jury bias, case framing, and the importance of listening in all aspects of plaintiffs' trial litigation, and personal and professional empowerment (finding balance in life).He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America for over thirty years.

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