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Navigating the Complex Web of Commercial Trucking Cases

Morgan Adams, Joe Fried, and Michael Leizerman

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Do you currently handle personal injury and automobile accident cases? Are you thinking about expanding your practice to include commercial trucking but are concerned about the complexity of these cases?

It’s well known that commercial trucking crash cases are far more complex than automobile cases. In addition to crash dynamics and reconstruction issues, trucking cases involve unique industry safety and operational standards, a complicated array of insurance issues, and federal and state carrier regulations. In this in-depth seminar, three of the nation’s leading trucking lawyers—Michael Leizerman, Joe Fried, and Morgan Adams—teach you how to navigate the complexities inherent to these cases. This presentation provides the kind of knowledge and expertise that can only be gained through years of successfully representing clients in commercial trucking crash cases.

In the seminar, Leizerman, Fried, and Adams discuss the following and more:

  • Preserving evidence—the first steps you need to take
  • Understanding black box/event data recorder and telematics
  • Identifying all parties and potential sources of insurance
  • Improving case intake and investigations—and the cases you shouldn’t turn away
  • Understanding key documents and rules and regulations—what you don’t know can hurt you
  • Proving standard of care—simple step-by-step processes that the jury and adjusters can understand
  • Evaluating the key aspects of different types of accidents—help for the cases in your office now
  • Conducting depositions of trucking company representatives more effectively—how to win your case before trial

This seminar closes with an hour on best trial practices from Morgan Adams and Michael Leizerman. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to increase your ability to better represent injured clients who need your help as they are forced to go through these complicated and often catastrophic cases.

*Please note: This video includes highlights from an exclusive live event. Due to copyright and other restrictions, this DVD set does not include any written materials from the conference. To learn more about our upcoming CLE events, visit our CLE page or give us a call at 1-800-309-6845.

DVD: 762 minutes; 1st edition (2020); ISBN: 9781951962043
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1

  1. Introductory Remarks
  2. Fried: Are Truck Cases Really Unique?
  3. Fried: What Is a Truck?
  4. Fried: Intake
  5. Fried: After the Intake Call
  6. Fried: Investigation
  7. Adams: Spoliation


Disc 2

  1. Q&A
  2. Insurance
  3. MCS-90
  4. Insurance Is a Safety Issue
  5. Transportation Cycle
  6. A History of Trucking
  7. Levels of Insurance & Minimum Policy Coverage
  8. Q&A: MCS-90
  9. Telematics
  10. Driver Shortage
  11. Q&A
  12. Parking


Disc 3

  1. Hours of Service
  2. Electronic Logs & Their Falsification
  3. Electronic Control Modules
  4. Cargo-Related Documents
  5. Driver Qualification File
  6. Medical Cards
  7. Venue & Service of Process


Disc 4

  1. Creating Your Trial Story
  2. Focus on the Rules
  3. Where to Find Rules
  4. Regulations
  5. Q&A: Discovery on the Regs
  6. Safe Driving Rules: CDL Manual
  7. Is the CDL Manual the Law?
  8. Reasonable Conduct & Endorsement Theories
  9. Right of Way & Visual Search


Disc 5

  1. Left Turns & U-Turns
  2. Space Management
  3. Training for Turns
  4. Normalize Your Client's Conduct
  5. Time Distance Analysis
  6. Proving through Defense Witnesses
  7. Framing Issues Fairly


Disc 6

  1. Minimum Industry Standard of Care
  2. Nighttime Wrecks
  3. Hazardous Driving Conditions
  4. Q&A


Disc 7

  1. Finding the Standard of Care
  2. The Lie Adjusters Want You to Tell in Every Case
  3. Three Defense Numbers
  4. You Won't Get the Documents
  5. Using a Records Custodian to Get Documents Early
  6. Change the Burden of Proof
  7. Proper Deposition Planning
  8. 30(b)(6) & Attorney Work Product Facts
  9. Getting Sanctions
  10. Side Swipe & Lane Change Cases
  11. Fatigue
  12. "He Said, She Said" Cases
  13. Blind Spots
  14. Headsets
  15. Driver Logs
  16. Deposition of Safety Director


Disc 8

  1. Deposing the Truck Driver
  2. Being Compassionate While Being Firm
  3. Q&A: Insurance Certificate Holders
  4. Q&A: Dump Trucks
  5. Q&A: Finding Ownership of a Trailer
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