Stop Your Whining and Go To Trial

Rick Friedman & Don Bauermeister

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Every Rick Friedman product covers different concepts and strategies. In this lecture, Rick focuses on why we should or should not accept cases, identifying and improving your own strengths and weaknesses, and developing your talents as a lawyer. Rick covers specific tactics for trial, including the importance of lay witnesses, direct examination methods, as well as techniques for framing your case in voir dire and opening.

Rick also discusses the lawyers who have most greatly influenced his career and how their lessons can help you achieve excellence. In his top 5, he notes, "Over the last ten years, no lawyer has taught me more about trying cases than Don Bauermeister."

This is the first Trial Guides product featuring Don Bauermeister. In this video, Don discusses how developments in cognitive neuroscience allow us to understand how jurors make decisions and how to persuade even the most conservative jurors.

This seminar presents cutting edge material from two of America's finest trial lawyers.


CD: 259 minutes; 4 discs; 1st edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833360
DVD: 259 minutes; 4 discs; 1st edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833353
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [78:50]

  1. Introduction
  2. Our Audience
  3. Our Results
  4. Should You Go to Trial?
  5. Who Should Go to Trial?
  6. Obstacles in Going to Trial
  7. Obstacles in Going to Trial
  8. Problems with Comparison
  9. Problems with Comparison
  10. Dealing with Comparison
  11. Dealing with Comparison
  12. Dealing with Comparison
  13. Don Bauermeister Introduction
  14. The Moral High Ground
  15. The Moral High Ground
  16. Understanding the Brain
  17. Understanding the Brain
  18. Appealing to the Brain
  19. Appealing to the Brain
  20. Appealing to the Brain
  21. Appealing to the Brain

Disc 2 [74:25]

  1. Subway Experiment
  2. Subway Experiment
  3. Emotional vs Logical Response
  4. Emotional vs Logical Response
  5. Story Frames
  6. Story Frames
  7. Story Frames
  8. Story Frames
  9. Schemas
  10. Schemas
  11. Moral Blameworthiness
  12. Moral Blameworthiness
  13. Moral Blameworthiness
  14. Moral Blameworthiness
  15. Moral Blameworthiness
  16. Moral Blameworthiness
  17. Moral Blameworthiness
  18. Moral Blameworthiness
  19. Moral Blameworthiness

Disc 3 [89:44]

  1. Moral Blameworthiness
  2. Moral Blameworthiness
  3. Moral Blameworthiness
  4. Moral Blameworthiness
  5. Moral Blameworthiness
  6. Moral Blameworthiness
  7. Moral Blameworthiness
  8. Moral Blameworthiness
  9. Moral Blameworthiness
  10. Moral Blameworthiness
  11. Moral Blameworthiness
  12. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  13. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  14. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  15. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  16. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  17. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  18. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  19. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  20. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  21. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  22. A Trial-Oriented Practice

Disc 4 [16:00]

  1. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  2. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  3. A Trial-Oriented Practice
  4. A Trial-Oriented Practice

Total running time: 4 hours 19 minutes

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Kevin Q.
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Definitely Recommend
I listen to this while driving and it’s really great. They give lot of interesting insight not found in the other books and also recommend some Other really interesting books.
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Michael L.
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Motivational and informative
Still 5 stars, but would be better if you could get the documents and content referenced in the audio recording.
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