Rethinking "Day in the Life" & Settlement Videos: Tell the Right Story - On Demand CLE

Jesse Wilson and Steve Benedetto

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Many attorneys want to tell their client’s story in a way that garners sympathy—while also evoking a call to action with their jurors. To that end, far too many attorneys will produce “Day in the Life” (DITL) videos to show their clients’ daily struggles.

While these videos have the potential to fortify your case and motivate your jurors to action, a poorly conceived video can do more harm than good. When we portray our injured clients as helpless and pathetic, we give our audience plenty of reason to pity them—but we fail to inspire them to take action.

Join trial consultant Jesse Wilson and trial attorney Steve Benedetto as they show you how to frame your next DITL video around joy and strength, not pain and suffering. This 90-minute CLE will discuss the common use of “Day in the Life” videos, explore their limitations, and help you avoid the pitfalls of this potent legal media.

You will:
  • Learn how to use the “Victim to Victor” paradigm outlined in Wilson’s book, Witness Preparation: How to Tell the Winning Story
  • Identify common problems with DITL narratives
  • Assess when (and when not) to use a DITL video
  • Discover how to identify a “story of joy” with every client
  • Learn how to produce a video that is honest, authentic, and compelling
  • Anticipate and counter evidentiary objections to DITL video admission
  • Practice building tension through a traditional story arc—while leaving the resolution up to your jurors

DITL videos can be incredible tools for connecting your client with the jury. They bring the entire story to life, front-load the most powerful parts of your case, and invite the jurors into your client’s world. Don’t miss your chance to harness the power of this media form and unlock its potential in your next case.

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On Demand Program: 98 Minutes
Original Air Date: 10/19/2023

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4.7 out of 5 stars Based on 3 reviews
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