Preparing for the Adverse Witness: the Villain’s Victor Story - On Demand CLE

Jesse Wilson and Nicci Unsicker

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Adverse witnesses never see themselves as villains.

How do they see themselves, and how do they want the world to judge them?

As victors.

Let them.

In this video, you will be introduced to a game-changing approach that will provide you with a powerful method for cross-examining adverse witnesses. Together, Jesse Wilson and Nicci Unsicker will introduce to you cutting-edge techniques (such as “the four steps of the stage” and “the crossroad”) from Wilson’s book, Witness Preparation: How To Tell the Winning Story. They’ll show you what happens when you know, own, and trust your personal connection to an adverse witness’s victor story.

Jesse and Nicci will help you:
• identify and unmask the true villain of your client’s story
• cast your client in their right role
• free yourself of judgment, the single greatest roadblock to telling the villain’s victor story

Applying this winning strategy will help you frame your entire case and empower your judge and jurors, motivating them to protect your client.

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On Demand Program: 68 Minutes
Original Air Date: 10/26/2022

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