Nicci Unsicker

Nicci Unsicker

Trial Lawyer

Unsicker Law
412 W Arrington Street Farmington, NM 87401

Key Facts


Nicci Unsicker is a civil attorney practicing in both state and tribal courts. Nicci graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2018. She is zealous about providing excellent advocacy, especially for populations that are underserved. Her practice is located in Farmington, NM where she represents clients in New Mexico, Colorado, the Navajo Nation, and the Jicarilla/Apache Nation.

Nicci loves helping attorneys and clients unlock their hearts and stories. So often attorneys and clients are stuck in their pain and fear. Nicci excels at helping the attorney, client, and witness find their empowered story, connecting them to the jury, and often taking a significant step forward in their own journey toward healing.

Nicci has consulted in both civil and criminal matters. Recently Nicci, through consulting work, helped clients reject the victim role and unleash their powerful stories, winning jury verdicts of 2.2 million dollars and 3.2 million dollars.

Nicci lives in Aztec, New Mexico, or as she refers to it “Adventure Land”! She lives with her children Henry and Aurora, and husband, Warren. They love to ride horses, mountain bike, hike, camp, play guitar, sing at the top of their lungs, and ski.

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