Mastering PowerPoint in Trial

Using the Rules of the Road Disc 6

Cliff Atkinson

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In an hour and a half, Cliff Atkinson, the author of Beyond Bullet Points, walks you through effective strategies for using PowerPoint (and other visuals) in trial. Using past cases he’s consulted on with Mark Lanier and Patrick Malone, Atkinson shows practical ways you can increase jurors’ ability to retain and understand information.

Atkinson discusses the importance of keeping your presentations simple. And he demonstrates how to distill your case down to key points to keep jurors engaged and able to easily learn your client’s story and key case facts. He offers lessons on how the limitations of working memory provide important constraints to effective storytelling, and how you can create a seamless media experience for jurors that keeps them focused. Atkinson also offers numerous tips on using PowerPoint, creating effective graphics, and focusing on language that speaks to jurors on a gut level. This presentation is a valuable addition to the library of any trial lawyer.  

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DVD: 100 minutes; 1st edition (2019); ISBN: 9781941007952
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Introduction
  2. Screen Use and Lighting during Your Presentation
  3. Storytelling in Advocacy Using PowerPoint
  4. Simplicity: The Learning Limitations of Your Audience
  5. The Three Goals for Presentations
  6. The Value of Simplicity in Presenting Rules to the Jury
  7. Using Story Structure in Your Case
  8. Creating Your Presentation Slides: Demonstration
  9. Using Your Presentation to Tell Your Client’s Story
  10. Using Multiple Types of Visuals
  11. Practical Applications in a Case (Continued)
  12. Tips for Finding and Using Images for Your Presentation
  13. Q&A