Mastering Motor Vehicle Cases

Arthur C. Croft with Aaron DeShaw

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This DVD set contains highlights from the first advanced Trial Guides CLE seminar dedicated to motor vehicle cases. It features epidemiologist/crash reconstructionist Dr. Arthur Croft, researcher Dr. Paul Ivancic, and trial lawyer Dr. Aaron DeShaw.

In addition to handling a wide variety of issues related to injury causation, accident reconstruction, and typical defenses related to all types of auto cases, the set also addresses challenges specific to minor impact cases. It provides an advanced and in-depth consideration of motor vehicle cases that will take you from the fundamentals of insurance claims settlement and through more advanced topics.

This set will give you the information necessary to get your clients fair compensation for their losses and overcome the defense’s junk science. You will learn the following:

  • Details of the eighty-nine scientific studies that prove a high percentage of people who sustain injuries in motor vehicle collisions experience long-term chronic pain
  • The risk factors most likely to lead to injury in a crash and the factors most likely to result in a permanent injury
  • How defense experts use average velocity to mislead the jury into thinking your client wasn’t injured
  • Citations for scientific and medical journal articles that support your cases
  • How to cross-examine a crash reconstructionist, biomechanist, or defense medical examiner
  • How crash testing has increased nonfatal crash injuries
  • How to disprove the junk science and myths used by the defense
  • How to get event data recorder or “black box” data before it is lost
  • And much more

*Please note: This video set includes highlights from an exclusive $1,200 live event for lawyers. Due to copyright and other restrictions, this set does not include the written materials from the conference. Dr. Croft's book Whiplash and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries cites many of the studies (or similar) that were mentioned in this video. Visit our Seminars & CLE page to discover more case-changing CLE programs.


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CD: 584 minutes; 12 discs; 1st edition (2016); ISBN: 978-1941007518
DVD: 584 minutes; 6 discs; 1st edition (2015); ISBN: 978-1941007471
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

DVD: Disc 1 [1:37:00]

  1. An Overview of Traumatic Injuries in Motor Vehicle Cases (Part 1)
  2. Introduction
  3. The Epidemiology of Traumatic Injuries
  4. Risk of Injury and Outcome
  5. Zero Valid Studies Support Healing in 6-12 Weeks
  6. Is It an Accident?
  7. Forces Involved in a Crash
  8. Peak Acceleration Versus Average Acceleration
  9. How Our Thinking Has Evolved
  10. The Impact of Collision on the Neck
  11. Future Problems with Neck Fusions
  12. The Effect of Occupant Weight on Injury
  13. Increasing Acceleration on the Body and Head
  14. The Type of Acceleration That Hurts Your Clients
  15. The Impact of Being “Out Of Position”
  16. How Live Subject Crash Tests Demonstrate Real Crash Factors In Cases With Minor Property Damage (Samples from Machine Vs. Man)
  17. Differences in Occupant Acceleration Depending Upon Seat Location
  18. Speed Versus Injury Risk
  19. Experts Cannot Determine Injury Severity From Property Damage
  20. The Problem With Stiffer Cars

DVD: Disc 2 [00:56:00]

  1. An Overview of Traumatic Injuries in Motor Vehicle Cases (Part 2)
  2. The Impact of Car Assessment Program on Occupant Injuries
  3. Crush Damage
  4. The Impact of Seat Back Stiffness and Seat Failure
  5. The Shortcomings of Medical Imaging
  6. Causation of Shoulder Injuries
  7. Causation of Low Back Injuries
  8. Delay in Onset of Symptoms
  9. Causation of Traumatic Brain Injury (and MS)

DVD: Disc 3 [01:13:00]

  1. Auto Crash Reconstruction for Lawyers
  2. Bumper Scuff Marks
  3. Computer Human Simulation Modeling (MADYMO)
  4. Important Vehicle Parameters
  5. Event Data Recorders (aka Black Box)
  6. Sample of a “False Start” Case
  7. Using the NASS Database

DVD: Disc 4 [02:01:00]

  1. Defense Myths and Legends
  2. Introduction
  3. Defense Myth 1 - “The force is the same as sitting down in a chair”
  4. Defense Myth 2 - “All injuries resolve in 6-12 weeks” and the story behind the Lithuanian Study
  5. Defense Myth 3 - “5 mph Delta v injury threshold”
  6. Defense Myth 4 - “The Bumper Game”
  7. Defense Myth 5 - The “My foot slipped off the brake” Defense
  8. Defense Myth 6 – “50% of asymptomatic people have herniated discs”
  9. Defense Myth 7 – “Positive Waddell’s Sign = Malingering”
  10. Defense Myth 8 – “Everything is due to pre-existing conditions”
  11. Cross Examination Ideas
  12. Defense Myth 9 – “It is Somatoform / Somatization Disorder”

DVD: Disc 5 [02:18:00]

  1. Overcoming Minor Impact Defenses In Auto Cases
  2. Introduction
  3. Claims Segmentation
  4. Minor Impact Claim Handling
  5. Getting Claims Away from Minor Impact Claim Handling
  6. Special Investigations Unit
  7. Increase Settlements by Trying Cases
  8. The Importance of Polarizing the Case in Minor Impact Cases
  9. Critical tasks for Voir Dire
  10. Dealing with Jury Bias Against Chiropractors as Expert Witnesses
  11. Cross Examination of Biomechanists / Accident Reconstructionists
  12. Cross Examination of Defense Medical / Psychological Witnesses
  13. Defeating the Malingering / Somatoform Defense
  14. The “Fake Bad Scale”
  15. Objective Proof of Spinal Injury Claims
  16. Closing Arguments in Minor Impact Cases
  17. Going to Trial Increases All of Your Settlement Offers
  18. Important Resources for Improving Your Case Outcomes

DVD: Bonus Disc [01:39:00]

  1. Advanced Topics in Biomechanics
  2. Introduction to Dr. Paul Ivancic
  3. Biomechanists
  4. Factors in Determining Causal Relationships
  5. Risk Factors for Injury
  6. Injury Epidemiology
  7. Injury Biomechanics
  8. Disc Injuries After Trauma
  9. Shoulder Injuries from in Motor Vehicle Cases
  10. Traumatic Brain Injuries in Motor Vehicle Cases
  11. Soft Tissue Injuries
  12. Spinal Instability
  13. Injury Prevention Systems and Their Impact on Injury
  14. Injuries Resulting from Head Strike
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Jerry J.
Verified Buyer
Great Addition to Practice Library
This title helps to master some of the analysis and defenses that Plaintiff's attorney's see everyday.
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Verified Reviewer
Referenced Articles not available.
Buying this set is like buying a book with missing pages. It’s informative but references over 80 studies. The studies are not included and the name of studies and how to obtain them isn’t disclosed either. I would not recommend this title unless the
Comments by Store Owner on Review by Store Owner on Thu Apr 25 2019
Store Owner
Thanks so much for your comment. We do not provide the written materials for seminars that we release on DVD because the studies that are referenced were not published by us and we do not have the rights to release them as part of a product we are selling. If you are interested in learning more about the studies that Dr. Croft mentions, his book Whiplash and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries cites many of the same studies that he mentioned in this video.
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Sangwoo M.
Verified Buyer
Very informative for MIST cases
Very informative. If you handle MIST cases, this is an absolute must. You will be able to prevail and see through smoke and mirrors. Even if you don't handle MIST cases, you will gain a lot of useful clinical insights.
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