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Megan Hottman

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Attorney Megan Hottman recently secured a stunning $353 million verdict in a civil suit against a drunk driver who fatally hit an elite-level cyclist. The verdict, which includes substantial punitive damages, sends a powerful message: cycling cases can—and should—be taken seriously.

Most personal injury attorneys are familiar with auto injury cases, but few have as much experience with crashes involving cyclists. You don’t need to be a cyclist yourself to represent an injured cyclist, but you will need to understand how the nuances of these cases make them different.

This 60-minute video will cover the following topics.

Property Claims. Cycling can be an expensive hobby, and cycling cases will sometimes have costly property damage. Hottman will explain why you should settle your client’s property claim first, as well as how to use the damaged bicycle as a trial exhibit. She will provide you with resources for assessing the value of your client’s equipment, and information on including loss of use in your demand letter.

Traffic Cases. Involvement in the traffic, or criminal, a portion of your case can benefit your civil case—and provide an opportunity to be involved in cycling advocacy. The traffic case is a great opportunity for “free” discovery; staying involved helps your client find justice as you review and expose the traffic laws that can lead to bike crashes.

Bodily Injury and UIM claims. In this section, Hottman will describe common injuries—and medical bills—in cycling cases, and provide insights into how your cycling client may be different from someone involved in an auto crash. Hottman will also discuss handling a cycling client with PTSD, anxiety, and trauma.

Other Special Considerations. No two cycling cases are exactly the same, but many have common confounding factors. Hottman will discuss several of these, including vehicle visibility; headphones; signaling turns; the Three Foot Law; the Stop as Yield Law (the “Idaho Stop”); government immunity; crash reconstruction; sidewalks; dooring incidents; menacing behavior; and liability. She will also offer a framework for representing professional athletes.

Jury Selection. Finally, Hottman will cover common forms of jury bias in cycling cases. Knowing the common biases against cyclists will allow you to ask hard questions during voir dire. She will teach you how to educate your jurors on the law and empower them to ask for justice for your client.

Even if you don’t ride yourself, chances are high that someone you know or love does ride a bike. Taking on cycling cases can help you grow your practice and do more good for your community. Join Megan Hottman as she shares how you can become a brilliant advocate for bike riders, and help make the roads safer for everyone.

Megan Hottman is a trial attorney who specializes in bicycle crash cases. She has represented over 170 individual cyclists, handles cases nationwide, and is a recognized expert and advocate in the cycling community. An avid cyclist herself, Hottman is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the cycling and legal communities.

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