From the First Phone Call to the Eve of Trial: The Practical Lawyering Skills No One Learns In Law School - On Demand

Elden Rosenthal

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The skills that make a trial lawyer successful are neither instinctive nor taught in law school. There is a learning curve every trial lawyer must work through, and skills are often acquired piecemeal through painful trial and error. Every young lawyer needs mentors to navigate the cross-currents of preparing a case for trial. Elden Rosenthal, one of Oregon’s most successful and distinguished trial lawyers, is offering a three-session CLE course based on his recently published book, The Plaintiff Lawyer’s Playbook, to assist trial lawyers with their development of real world skills. 

The three sessions will follow the general course of handling a case:

Session I 

Establishing a successful relationship with your client, prefiling investigations, and selecting the parties and pleading. 

Session II 

Formal discovery, how to prepare yourself and your client for deposition, and how to maximize the usefulness of discovery. 

Session III 

The dos and don’ts of hiring experts, using focus groups, and the foundation for successfully handling settlement negotiations and mediation.

This three-part course is intended to assist lawyers who are in the first five years of their practice.

Praise for The Plaintiff Lawyer’s Playbook:

Rosenthal’s book is a powerhouse of concisely targeted advice. . . . It focuses on the work that attorneys spend most of their time on—pretrial litigation.” 

—Nicole Gainey, Washington Trial Lawyer.

“This book is unequivocally a must-read for a beginning attorney, it also includes lessons for even seasoned veterans of this profession.  This book not only could have saved me many headaches and sleepless nights had I read it at the beginning of my career, it has taught me a few new things having read it seventeen years into my career.” 

—Brandon Lacy, Arkansas Trial Lawyer.

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On Demand Program: 180 Minutes
Original Air Date: 1/24/21, 1/21/21, 1/28/21