Dismantling the Defense

William A. Barton & Nicholas Rowley

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William Barton and Nicholas Rowley have tried hundreds of cases and obtained millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. When it comes to trial, they have seen—and done—it all.

In this special presentation originally offered to customers as part of our Fireside Chat series, Bill and Nick discuss how they handle common issues in trial and answer questions from a remote audience. They go over how they use preemption in voir dire, compare Nick’s method of brutal honesty with Bill’s method of owning his fears, and discuss questions on a range of issues such as:

  • The importance of being honest with the jury
  • The value of disclosing your bad facts
  • How to dismantle the defense by showing how they try to use bias, prejudice, and sympathy to win
  • How to inoculate against bad facts
  • How to address tort reform with conservatives
  • Whether to waive economic damages
  • And much more

In one hour, you can learn invaluable strategies and argu­ments that will help you improve your case outcomes from two of America’s greatest trial lawyers.


*Please note: Since this video was shot onsite outside a CLE, the audio of this program contains background noise of people walking by the cameras. Despite this, we felt this special discussion, filled with valuable knowledge, deserved release to our customers. 


DVD: 60 minutes; 1 disc; 1st edition (2019); ISBN: 9781941007839
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Brutal Honesty
  2. Write Out Your “Bad List”
  3. Preempt Opposing Counsel in Voir Dire
  4. Demonstrate Bias, Sympathy, and Prejudice to Dismantle the Defense
  5. Inoculate against Bad Facts
  6. How Do You Address Tort Reform with Conservatives?
  7. Should the Client Be Present in Trial?
  8. Using a Conservator for Fragile Plaintiffs
  9. What Do You Do when You’ve Argued for a Verdict Amount and the Defense Says You’ve Just Made the Number Up?
  10. What Should You Wear in Trial?
  11. Should You Waive Economic Damages in Chronic Pain Cases?
  12. In Medical Malpractice Cases, How Do You Prepare to Cross-Examine Doctors?
  13. How Do You Handle Cases Where There Is a Surgical Recommendation but Your Client Hasn’t Had the Surgery Yet?”
  14. What Do You Suggest to Improve Public and Trial Speaking Skills?
  15. How Do You Deal with a Situation Where the Plaintiff Has Lived without the Life Care Plan up to trial?
  16. How Do You Motivate a Jury to Return a Large Verdict in an Admitted Liability Case?

Total running time: 1 hour