Creating Magic in Trial

Randi McGinn

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All trial lawyers strive for those magical moments in the courtroom that seal their victory and lead jurors to award exceptional verdicts. You can create those powerful tipping points that drive jurors into your corner, but it's not as simple as waving a magic wand—it takes preparation, planning, and practice.

In this media pack, Randi McGinn, a master of legendary cross-examinations, shows how thinking outside the box can help you win your cases. Along with fascinating anecdotes from her actual trials, McGinn shares strategies for how to:

  • Capture and keep a jury's interest in an age of shortened attention spans
  • Make the defendant your best witness
  • Determine the order of your cross to get the most out of witnesses
  • Create visual cross-examinations
  • Use themes to discredit defense expert witnesses
  • Use the defendant company's own marketing materials and manuals against them
  • Take advantage of online resources

In addition, McGinn reveals how the techniques for handling difficult witnesses have changed. Instead of tightly controlling these witnesses, she explains, it’s more effective to calmly expose their unfair behaviors, whether they're lying, waffling, or stubbornly refusing to answer.

Creating Magic in Trial gives you the tools you need to whip up decisive, awe-inspiring moments during your next case.


DVD: 99 minutes; 2 discs; 1st edition (2013); ISBN: 978-1934833834
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [69:19]

  1. Yogurt Litigation
  2. How the Internet Changes Jurors
  3. Using the Internet to Investigate Your Case
  4. Using the Internet to Investigate Your Case
  5. Using the Internet to Investigate Your Case
  6. Using the Internet to Investigate Your Case
  7. Cross-Examination
  8. Calling Police Officer as Witnesses in Auto Cases
  9. Calling Police Officer as Witnesses in Auto Cases
  10. Using Themes in Cross
  11. Using Themes in Cross
  12. Using Themes in Cross
  13. Using Themes in Cross
  14. Using Themes in Cross
  15. Using Themes in Cross
  16. Using Themes in Cross

Disc 2 [29:48]

  1. Difficult Witnesses
  2. Difficult Witnesses
  3. Difficult Witnesses
  4. Representing Billy the Kid
  5. Representing Billy the Kid
  6. Representing Billy the Kid

Total running time: 1 hour, 39 minutes

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