Advanced Demand Letters: Truck Accidents - On Demand

Morgan Adams

Material: On Demand Program
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 Morgan Adams is recognized as one of America’s best trucking lawyers. In this

video, he provides inside tips for how to write demand letters for trucking cases.
Topics include:

  • How to find all the insurance for the tractor and trailer
  • How, and why, settling a trucking case is different from settling an auto case
  • The differences in insurance and how insurance companies handle trucking cases
  • How to ensure that you have qualified experts for a trucking case
  • The value of preparing for trial in order to get optimal settlement offers
  • Methods used by trucking insurers and defense counsel to get you to accept less than full value
  • The potential problems of using monetary numbers in your demand letters
  • The triggering effects of your demand letter on multiple layers of insurance
  • When the optimal time is to send your trucking demand letter
  • Working with multiple layers of insurance
  • Getting the adjuster to reconsider a bad offer
  • Video demand packages
  • The pros and cons of prelitigation mediation
  • Bad faith claims adjusting in trucking cases

If you handle, or would like to handle, trucking cases, this video teaches you how
to obtain more complete compensation for your clients. 

On Demand Program: 96 minutes
Original Air Date: 09/23/2017

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