Rules of the Road Series (6 Sessions, I-VI)

Roadmap to a Winning System

Patrick Malone
Guest Speakers Mark R. Kosieradzki & Louise Lipman

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All 6 Sessions of Rules of the Road (6 Session Series)

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In Rules of the Road SeriesRules of the Road coauthor Patrick Malone, joined by guest speakers Mark Kosieradzki and Louise Lipman, provides comprehensive tools that enable you to use to use the Rules of the Road method to strengthen the following aspects of your case:

  • Initial case analysis
  • Shaping and framing your argument
  • Structuring and conveying your case’s story during trial
  • Taking depositions and utilizing the power of 30(b)(6) depositions
  • Essential post deposition steps
  • Cross-examination and dealing with adverse witnesses
  • Preparing witnesses
  • Using psychodrama to improve your case
  • Discussing damages in closing
  • Bookending your case with an effective opening statement and closing argument

Patrick Malone leads you through over seven hours of content, including cross-examination examples, guest presentations, lecture notes, sample ideas on opening and closing, and a host of additional online materials. Whether it’s medical malpractice, premises liability, or pharmaceutical liability, you’ll find that there’s a way for the right Rules to help you argue and win any case.

If you love learning by listening, you can buy all of these lectures on Audio CD for use in your car or computer. The audio CDs contain all of the same audio content as the DVDs.

Both the DVD and the CD sets give you online access to download the lecture materials for all six sessions, which provide a wealth of information on expanding your use of the Rules of the Road method.

Guest Speaker Mark R. Kosieradzki

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Guest Speaker Louise Lipman

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CD: 466 minutes; 6 discs; 1st edition (2015); ISBN: 978-1941007365
DVD: 466 minutes; 6 discs; 1st edition (2015); ISBN: 978-1941007358
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [1:10:00]

  1. Session I
  2. Overview
  3. What is the Rules of the Road Method?
  4. Modern Neurocognitive Research
  5. The Importance of Simplicity and Clarity
  6. Power through Simplicity
  7. The Plaintiff’s Secret Weapon
  8. The Power of Rules of the Road
  9. Sample Rules of the Road
  10. Reframing
  11. Editing your Rules

Disc 2 [1:23:00]

  1. Session II
  2. A Recap of the Basics
  3. Sources of Rules
  4. Preparing for Deposition
  5. Troubleshooting Your Rules
  6. Introduction to 30(b)(6) Depositions
  7. Using 30(b)(6) on Non-Parties
  8. Important Case Law
  9. The “I know nothing” Witness
  10. Build Your Record
  11. Drafting Your 30(b)(6) Notice
  12. What Can You Ask About?
  13. Examples
  14. Document Depositions
  15. Sanctions for Failure to Appear
  16. Not the Person with the Most Knowledge

Disc 3 [1:22:53]

  1. Session III
  2. Introduction to Session III
  3. Cross-Examination is Scary
  4. Problems with the Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination
  5. Using Rules of the Road for Cross-Examination
  6. Cross-examination of an Expert’s Fit with Your Case
  7. Optimizing the Money Cross-Examination
  8. Ignorance
  9. Cross-Examination on Defections and Contradictions
  10. The New Rules of Cross-Examination
  11. Sample Cross-Examination of a Medical Expert
  12. Analysis of the Cross-Examination of a Medical Expert
  13. Replace the Halo with the Horns

Disc 4 [1:17:15]

  1. Session IV
  2. Introduction to Session IV
  3. Reviewing Problems with The Ten Commandments of Cross
  4. Reviewing the Use of Rules of the Road for Cross
  5. Analysis of the Sample Cross-Examination
  6. Control Tactics in Cross-Examination
  7. The Impact of Personality
  8. Improving Your Questions
  9. Controlling the Witness
  10. Four Ways to Discredit the Witness
  11. Checklist for a Better Cross-Examination

Disc 5 [1:15:00]

  1. Session V
  2. Introduction to Witness Preparation
  3. Ten Rules for Client Preparation
  4. Expert Witness Preparation
  5. Introduction to Louise Lipman
  6. Introduction to Psychodrama
  7. Sample Psychodrama with a Client
  8. Understanding Your Client’s Loss Using Psychodrama

Disc 6 [1:18:00]

  1. Session VI
  2. An Introduction to Opening and Closing Statements
  3. The Elements of a Story
  4. Destroying a Story with Legalese
  5. Creating a Compelling Story
  6. Closing Argument
  7. Top 10 Things to Accomplish in Closing Statements
  8. The Plaintiff's Secret Weapon
  9. Discussing Damages in Closing
  10. Final Comments on the Series

Total running time: 7 hours, 46 minutes

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

I think you should consider it a great compliment that you can assemble a room full of experienced trial lawyers who hang on every word of your wisdom month after month. Your talents are immense. You truly have rethought and revolutionized the way lawyers try cases. Irving Younger is not only turning over in his grave—he may have to rise again from the dead to save the Ten Commandments! You are wonderful to share your giant-slaying techniques with colleagues.

— Pam Stuart, Esq.

In addition to substantive learning, listening and watching Pat Malone was like watching a great ball-handler show me the moves I’ll one day make fluidly once I’m a great ball-handler too! ‘See, when the defenseman does this, I can pass the ball behind my back, or dribble it between my legs, or spin it like this, or like that…!’ It was really fun to think about! Once again, Pat, thanks for a great seminar!

— Bernard Solnik, Esq.

Powerful, pragmatic practice tips that every civil litigator should know. Pat Malone’s insightful and thematic cross-examinations pointers will wreak havoc with opponents and win juries over to your side. Civil justice for your clients can be found in the defendant’s breach of the Rules of the Road. Mr. Malone shows you the secret map.

— Peter Masciola, Esq.

Pat Malone’s Rules of the Road seminar is NOT to be missed by any plaintiff’s lawyer who wants to start a case with a strong advantage from day one. His technique can be used from formulating a complaint through [to] the end of trial. And as a new lawyer, I particularly recommend it to other new lawyers before they have a chance to form any bad habits.

— Tara Candela, Esq.

Great presentation. After lecturing on these subjects myself for over thirty-five years, I still pick up great pointers every time I hear Malone.

— John Lowe, Esq.

As a trial lawyer with many years of experience, I’ve enjoyed Pat Malone’s Rules of the Road series. He does a great job of showing how the Rules can be used to gain a competitive advantage in your cases. Both new and seasoned lawyers will be helped by this DVD series.

— George L. Garrow, Jr., Esq.