WATCH: AALS Webinar on Visual Communications in Legal Writing

Legal experts agree: visual aids—like infographics and accident mockups—are more important than ever. Plaintiffs’ lawyers must contend with social media-shortened attention spans, both with their judges and jury members. From line graphs and infographics to design elements that incorporate graphic design in your presentations, high-impact visual advocacy can help you win your case.

We are honored to have professor and trial lawyer William Bailey among our panoply of Trial Guides authors. His 2011 book, Show the Story, set the scene for what would be a major shift toward visual aids in trial advocacy over the last 10 years; his latest book, Show the Brief, extolls the value of visual communications, specifically in pre-trial work.

Professor Bailey recently presented a webinar titled "Teaching Visualized Legal Writing: Time to Take Off the Stylistic Straitjacket of Convention" for the American Association of Law Schools. Watch it here:

Effective lawyers—and professors—must communicate in a way that works consistently, reduces confusion, and lands well with their audiences. Presenting your case with an eye toward modern tastes helps you stay relevant, engaging, and effective as an attorney.

Order your copy of Show the Brief, now available in paperback and ebook:

Show the Brief by William Bailey