Trial Guides publishes "Procedure & Billing Denials: What Every Physician Needs to Know"

Procedure & Billing Denials Aaron DeShaw Trial Guides

Trial Guides is proud to announce its new book Procedure & Billing Denials: What Every Physician Needs to Know by Dr. Aaron DeShaw, Esq. 

The new book provides physicians & staff with the background necessary when dealing with a modern insurance company on a personal injury case. DeShaw describes procedures and codes frequently flagged by insurers, and insurance medical bill review software. The book also discusses coding methods and procedures which are flagged for audits, or rejected. DeShaw further discusses modern necessity for charting to substantiate treatment and reduce payment problems.

In states which have PIP / MedPay this book will reduce payment problems with the patient's insurer. In states which have no PIP / MedPay, this book can make the difference between the physician's office getting paid appropriately by the lawyer for a case, or not, by ensuring you understand the analysis of your records before they hit the medical bill review software that will calculate the Economic / Special Damages in your patient's legal case. DeShaw combines his background as both a doctor and a lawyer to provide expert guidance you can use to properly code your diagnoses and procedures, and document personal injury cases.