Teaching Future Trial Lawyers

Mauet Trial Techniques Becoming a Trial Lawyer

If you are a professor of trial advocacy, you train the trial lawyers of the future. While many books purport to educate young trial lawyers on trial procedure and trial techniques, few guide law students and new lawyers through the common behavioral and psychological mistakes that can undermine a promising career.

With Becoming a Trial Lawyer, author Rick Friedman has written a book that does both. Friedman, a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, guides future lawyers on their career path, weighing in on the pros and cons of being a trial lawyer, and explaining how to lead a healthy, balanced life in a field where career largely dominates. In addition, the book is filled with tips from Friedman's trial career.

A recent glowing review in AAJ's TRIAL Magazine by Howard Nations (president of the Belli Society, and founder of the ATLA National College of Advocacy) called the book a "valuable resource for those who desire to achieve success and avoid the traps of the jungle, while still functioning as a whole person."

It's time to give law students the real tools they need for the future. If you are a trial advocacy professor, law school Dean, or otherwise affiliated with creating an advocacy program at a law school, please call or email our office to discuss discount bulk pricing for students. Trial Guides is happy to work with you, your bookstore, or directly with students to prepare the next generation of lawyers.