Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors Live CLE

Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors Live CLE

Trial Guides is proud to provide an all-star line up for two upcoming live continuing legal education events on how to discredit junk science in court.

  • Dorothy Clay Sims is often called the most hated plaintiff lawyer in America for her practice of exposing defense doctors.
  • Dr. Michael Freeman PhD, MPH, DC is a leading forensic epidemiologist known for revealing adverse experts' opinions are based on junk science or no science in both civil and criminal cases.
  • Dr. Tony Gamboa PhD is an expert in economics and knows how to easily prove vocational loss due to an injury.
  • Dr. Oregon Hunter MD will cover how to clinically verify that your client is in pain.
  • Dr. Oscar DePaz MD will discuss how to expose defense doctors' misrepresentations of advanced medical imaging to a jury.

This seminar is for all attorneys interested in ensuring jurors are getting the truth during trial.  You will also learn how to create Dubert or Frye motions for judges to properly exclude junk science.

Topics of this one day CLE include: fighting common defenses, tips on cross examination and depositions, handling malingering accusations, and using new and free technology to improve your practice. You will also learn tips for getting full value of vocational loss, how probability is misused in litigation, and how you can use probability to your advantage.

As an added bonus, Dr. Hunter and Dr. Depaz will be hosting one-on-one, half hour private consultations to discuss the injuries in your client's case. Bring your DME report, MRI, or other patient chart for the doctors to personally evaluate. Sign-ups for this special consultation opportunity are on a first come, first serve basis. Register today to ensure your spot at the seminar, and email Trial Guides to make your private appointment with Dr. Hunter or Dr. Depaz.

In addition, you will receive a complimentary disc with 600 pages of reference material and a video of a physician's complete physical examination with explanations of various tests and the basis for abnormalities. These materials alone are well worth the price of the seminar!

Trial Guides will host these seminars in two locations:

October 21, 2010 in San Francisco

October 22, 2010 in Los Angeles

All royalties to the speakers will be donated to charities.